Welcome to Podcar City 2023!

22 May 2023

In 2010 We had a great meeting at the Podar City conference in San Jose. Over 239 people came and listened to what was going on in the Automated transportation business, self-driving cars, Podcars and related mobility and how the new ideas could impact our urban fabric for the future. In retrospect looking
at those presentations in 2010 we can say that many of the issues are still the same. Traffic congestion and problems with cars? Yes. Did a lot of new Podcar systems got implemented? Yes, but a few. Did the automation of self-driving cars solve all our problems? Well, this is still to be seen, what is concerning in my eyes is the ongoing lack of ROI in the 100 billion plus invested in self-driving cars technology.

What we now see is that the expectation of automated Podcars on their own separate guideway is taking off. Right now in San Jose the Glydways company is planning to implement with the City of San Jose to create the first California Podcars for a connection with the San Jose Airport and the Diridon Train Station (and maybe more connections).

The Modutram system is right now planning a new system. The Atlanta airport is soon expected to join
the Heathrow lead on Podcar technology, so Also Greeneville SC Airport and Noida Airport and Film City
India are working on suspended technology for better mobility. Another Indian development is in the Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). Cebu Philippines is looking into a Futran System for Mandaue City.
There is a lot more going on – Kampala, Rwanda, China, Munich, Bologna, Tallinn, Stockholm, Nancy… the list goes on. All have the same idea – make a change that makes that count. /Christer