A Significant Leap ahead! Autonomous Transit Communities working together for better mobility based on a strong framework!

07 Sep 2023

The upcoming creation of ATC – Autonomous Transit Communities – is a significant step forward to encourage all stakeholders to participate in better mobility for all. The ATC says “We can do better!” is not just a slogan but also a challenge to anyone involved in finding solutions seriously challenging the way we get around. Please see the Framework for development and innovation of significant better mobility in public transit here: www.automatedtransitcommunities.net You are welcome to participate and sign to show your support. Yes, We can do better! Come to Podcar City December 1 to the first ATC meeting.

a framework for future mobility built on

  • technology that improves everyone’s access to good mobility
  • cost effective, both for the poor and the wealthy
  • safe, fast, and efficient
  • quiet with little vibration
  • minimal use of surface space, giving space for biodiversity
  • maximum energy efficiency per passenger from renewable sources solar/wind/hydro etc.
  • flexible, regardless of geography, topography, etc.
  • possible multiuse of infrastructure for goods, electricity, water etc.
  • resilient and durable in the face of increasingly bad weather. Climate adaptation is a must.
  • improves the quality of life and livability of both urban and rural areas.