Mohammed Yousuf


Program Manager for the Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative 


Mohammed Yousuf is Program Manager for the Accessible Transportation Technology Research Initiative (ATTRI). He is leading the Universal Automated Community Transport (UACT) research project to develop a service concept for an inclusive automated community transport application for first mile last mile, paratransit and neighborhood travel. He is also leading research on new technology solutions for wayfinding and navigation guidance for people with vision impairments and other disabilities, under FHWA’s Exploratory Advanced Research. He is involved in research related to wireless communications, positioning and navigation technologies for connected and automated vehicles. Prior to joining FHWA, he worked at General Motors and Chrysler Group. As a member of the White House GeoAccess Challenge Team, Mr. Yousuf co-authored the report, Data-Enabled Travel: How Geo-Data Can Support Inclusive Transportation, Tourism, and Navigation through Communities. He is a member of the FCC Disability Advisory Committee, National Robotics Initiative, Interagency Committee of Disability Research (ICDR) and Transportation Research Board committee on accessible transportation and mobility. He holds a BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering and a MS in Computer Engineering.