Claude Escala, MBA


Founder and CEO of SupraWays, a French start-up that aims to develop a suspended PRT system


Claude Escala is an expert in business development, management and strategy, with a strong international background. He has been working for the last 15 years in the renewable energy field.

He studied for the last two years the blocking points for PRT system development as a real response to urban congestion, from a business, political and societal approach.

His objectives today consist in gathering experts from both industry and academic worlds to increase credibility around PRT systems and bring the proof of this disruptive concept, principally around traffic performance, costs and revenue. He has begun discussions with French Territories to support the project and authorize feasibility studies in order to build a real scale demonstration system.

Claude is also member of the board of the Alumni Association of the Management School of Lyon, member of Le cercle des Dirigeants and member of the International Institute of Sustainable Technology (INIST).