David A. Muyres


David A Muyres, Mobility Broker, OngoingTransportation / HuntGreen / NewNorth

David Muyres is co-founder of Ongoing Transportation, an organization that seeks to create a vision for an innovative, integrated, advanced mobility and transportation systems in the United States informed by design and systems thinking. He is also collaborating with the NewNorth Center for Design in Business to help provide business leadership with the right design thinking tools to transform transportation industries from vehicle companies to mobility providers.  He most recently held the position of Vice President, Educational Initiatives, for Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In this capacity, Muyres was responsible for developing new strategic offerings for the college. These ranged from educational programs targeted to business executives in order to demonstrate the value of creative process and design thinking, to ArtCenterPRO, a unique program in which companies, as sponsors, collaborate with Art Center students to create real-world design solutions. Muyres was also responsible for masterminding and directing the Art Center’s Summits, a series of unique annual events focused on sustainable mobility. The summits brought together global business, technology, design and governmental leaders to discuss the future of sustainable transportation—they explore creative new systems and business models that inspire people to think differently about how we all move around the planet.

Prior to joining Art Center in 2005, Muyres worked at Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI), where he held various functional and executive management positions within the automotive division in the United States, Europe and Asia. Muyres has a profound interest in bringing the best and brightest minds together to re-envision the transportation industry. He strives to leverage his global industry experience, creative approach and the power of his broad network to develop solution-minded partnerships committed to creating more efficient ways of moving people and goods around the planet. Muyres recently joined forces with HuntGreen LLC in Washington, D.C., to further integrate sustainable mobility solutions into newly emerging national policy.