Doug Malewicki

SkyTran, Inc. – Founder and Chief Visionary
AeroVisions, Inc. – President/Chief Scientist

Douglas Malewicki MS Stanford University – Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
Life time Member of MENSA.

Doug is an Inventor, Engineering Consultant, Author, Lecturer and Adventurer. He holds US patents in the fields of aviation, medicine, toys, mass transportation and robotics.

In the early 80’s, Malewicki set two official Guinness World records for achieving over 150 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on cross-country runs at freeway speeds driving his single seat, aerodynamic, lightweight California Commuter. He invented his super-aerodynamic, lightweight, high speed, low cost MagLev SkyTran invention 25 years ago in January 1990 – the very same month after his mind was freed up after 1.5 years of intense fun mental effort to create/design/engineer his patented Robosaurus invention – a 52,000 pound, 40 foot tall, electrohydromechanical, fire breathing, car-eating, transforming Monster robot. It came to life and performed its first show that month at Angel’s stadium in Anaheim, California. SkyTran will obtain over 200 miles per gallon equivalent WHILE speeding along everywhere at 100 MPH. MagLev will also allow steady speeds of 150 MPH for intercity travel. Unfortunately, in the past 25 years, Doug got old and now is an official Geezer. His most recent publication is a Kindle eBook “FIT AT 75” His first successful invention “Nuclear War” has been in production for 50 years this year (1965 – 2015). Doug’s Nuclear War game 50th Anniversary Kickstarter edition: