Inge Alme


Technical Director, Scandpower Group

Inge Alme has a MSc degree in industrial economy and technology management from NTNU in Trondheim. Mr. Alme has 15 years of experience from technical risk analyses, project risk analysis, analysis of organisational changes, barrier analysis, change analysis, etc.. He has also participated and lead audits and emergency preparedness analyses and been seconded to organisations and projects to be in charge of safety management. Inge has most of his experience from the transport sector, both for infrastructure projects and rolling stock projects, but also from the operator side. He has also worked for clients in the energy sector, process industry and oil & gas. Alme was President of Scandpower in Sweden 2002-2006 and had the same role in Scandpower US in 2010 to mid 2011. Alme has now returned to Scandpower’s head office in Norway as Technical Director of the Scandpower Group.