Joerg Schweizer


Researcher, University of Bologna

Professional Career:

1999-2002 After his PhD in Electrical Engineering,Joerg Schweizer has been an independent consultant in the field of automotive sensor technology
2002-2003  He worked on micro-sensors at the National Microelectronic Research Center in Ireland.
Since 2003  Joerg Schweizer is a full time researcher and lecturer at the civil engineering department  of the University of Bologna, Italy. ,

His main research topic is the numerical modeling of  Personal Rapid Transit and Group Rapid Transit Systems,  in particular  the development of the PRT micro-simulator iTS.

Joerg Schweizer is board member of ATRA-Europe

Teaching: basic transport planning and sustainable transportation engineering.


His scientific output in the field of PRT is documented in a dozen of  publications in the field of PRT micro-simulations and PRT network modeling.

Professional Contributions:

The consulting activity of Joerg Schweizer includes PRT planning for several medium size Italian cities; He has been involved with the micro-simulations for the PRT network in Masdar, Abu Dahb for the consulting firms Systematica SpA and MottMcDonalds.