Christer Lindström

20 May 2021 Skriven av Christer Lindström
CEO of 4Dialog

For me personally the Podcar City Conference is the most important part of my conviction of “there must be something better out there” for people to get around. Since I coined the concept “Podcar” in 2000 with very few people understanding what it meant, today millions of people recognize autonomous transportation as a real viable option for getting around freely. We still need to improve this concept and see what we can do to make it wider, faster, safer and financially viable. In preparations for the San Jose Conference in 2023 there has been an impressive new list of activities in finding better technologies for urban mobility. Welcome!

Matthew Lesh

20 May 2021 Skriven av marlon
Transportation Analyst

I am passionate about mobility for all. My diverse background spans government, non-profit, bioscience, and transportation. I spent roughly 13 years in the federal ecosystem developing, supporting, and executing policy and programs for the United States Department of Transportation and have worked across the industry from research to deployment.

During my tenure at USDOT, I implemented GHG reduction and mobility programs which helped establish the zero emission bus and shared mobility markets within the US. I am an expert at developing teams and liaising between technology, engineers and end users. I am now now well connected to leaders steering transportation toward the future. I have advised defense, manufacturing, transit and shared mobility entities. Over the past several years, I have led commercialization strategies, developed technology roadmaps, and pushed the needle on clean, accessible, transportation. I have a Master’s Degree focused in Transportation, Operations, and Logistics from the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. 

Aurora Lindström

20 May 2021 Skriven av Christer Lindström
Project Manager

I have a background in Sustainability Science, communications and social work, and have followed the development of shared autonomous transit for many years. I feel both grateful and proud to be a part of the Podcar City Conferences. Podcar City is a truly unique event, gathering the combined knowledge, wisdom and ambition of not only great minds, but also great people, truly committed to making mobility safer, cleaner and accessible for all. This will be my 5th conference, and I truly look forward to sharing it with you.