Luca Guala


Senior Manager, Systematica


Luca Guala graduated in Transport Engineering (M. Sc. Eng) at the University of Cagliari, Italy. He then achieved a Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Transport Technique and Economics at the University of Palermo, Italy.

During his Doctorate studies he spent a period of research and study at the University of Leeds, UK, undertaking research activity in the field of transport demand models.

He spent 8 years as a contract researcher at the University of Cagliari, obtaining a considerable experience in modelling the generation of mobility and other transport modelling issues.

During this period of research activity he participated to several international conferences on transportation, among which the three-yearly meetings of the World Conference on Transport Research Society and the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research. He also participated to the definition and drafting of the Regional Transport Plans of Sardinia and of the urban area of Cagliari.

Meanwhile he worked as a self employed engineer in the field of transportation and management of dangerous waste.

Since September 2005 he is senior consultant of the transport planning firm Systematica Spa in the field of public transport networks and innovative transport systems. He collaborated to several projects of international relevance, in cooperation with major masterplanning and architectural workshops such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop; Foster & Partners and Arquitectonica.

He is currently working at the definition of the PRT network and public transport issues for the Masdar zero-carbon settlement project in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE, for which Systematica is consultant of Foster & Partners.