Mike Stanley


CEO of TransitX, a new PRT vendor based in Boston, Massachusetts


Stanley is an entrepreneur, a designer, and an engineer. Most of his professional career has been in software engineering and systems architecture, and he held management and engineering positions at several technology companies in the Boston area. He designed and built autonomous robots in the 1980’s, and has been following the PRT industry for a number of years.

Stanley started TransitX in 2015, after his wife had to walk home 6 miles in the snow after the transit system broke down. The Mayor of Boston called for ideas on how to solve transportation issues and Stanley answered his call. He volunteered on the transportation committee for Boston’s 2024 Olympic bid, and started the community group “New Transit Solutions for Boston”.

A problem solver by nature, Stanley designs systems from first principles and sees the tremendous opportunity of PRT as well as its challenges for wide-spread adoption. His experience and education has always been at the intersection of business and technology.

Stanley earned his Bachelor’s degrees in engineering and management from MIT.