Monica Zarafu


Sydney Tech University, Founding Member, Interbike


Monica Zarafu is a transport engineer specialised in transport technologies with a Master by Research in Built Environment from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Areas of expertise include travel demand estimation and forecasting infrastructure needs, multi-modal transport systems, and integrated transport and land-use evaluations, with over 20 years of academic, local government and industry practice. Her research interest is identifying and evaluating innovative transport solutions for twenty-first century urban forms, with a focus on finding a sustainable equilibrium between individual and collective interests. In the recent years, Monica planned and managed various projects in the field of personal mobility, from Personal Mobility Devices to bike sharing systems.

Under a collaborative research program funded by the Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, Monica investigated how effective a Personal Rapid Transit system could be in retrofitting edge cities using a local business park, Macquarie Park as a case study.