Nanzheng Yang

President of TTS Institute

Dr. Nanzheng Yang is the inventor of Tubenet Transit System (TTS). He started to concentrate in ecological urban transportation systems from 1993. Dr. Nanzheng Yang holds a DBA from Southern California University for Professional Studies (SCUPS), US, and a BA from Nanjing Army Command College for Operations Research in China.

Dr. Nanzheng Yang established Tubenet Transit research team since 2001 and founded Tubenet Transit Institute in 2013. As the president of TTS Institute, he led the team that has made cutting-edge technologies in TTS in the past 13 years, such as the cloud-based dispatch system. The completed concept design is awarded a Patent in China as well as in many other countries worldwide between 2002 and 2005. His team aims to develop an advanced transportation system to solve world-wide traffic difficulties especially for megacities with high population density and to achieve highly efficient, fast, comfortable and green travel.

The title of Dr. Nanzheng Yang’s talk:

Tubenet Transit System (TTS) – Upcoming Global Connectivity

  1. Retrospect: Where did transportation come from, and where is it going?
  2. Thinking: Make global connectivity into reality.
  3. Perspective: Deconstruction of roads and eco-restoration.