Natanel Goldberg


Founder, AutoMate

Netanel Goldberg is the founder of “AutoMate”, a new venture embarked  on  creating  a  mass  transportation  system  that  allows  the  passenger  to  enjoy both the convenience and privacy of a personal car. The AutoMate “Alternate Chassis” approach delivers true dual-mode PRT,  thereby  providing  a  genuine,  competitive  solution  to  the  “everyday”  private car. The “Alternate Chassis” enables the PRT to switch between a  “road chassis” and a “rail chassis”. This capability inherently resolves the  key problems that challenge a unified “Dual Mode System”.

Prior  to  founding  “AutoMate”,  Netanel  acquired  extensive  experience  in  engineering,  product  management  and  customer  support  of  world-wide  Tier One customers. This experience was acquired through the positions  Netanel  held  in  leading  high-tech  communication  companies  such  as  “Amimon”  (semiconductor  company  specializing  in  wireless  video  transfer),  “Texas  Instruments”  (leading  semiconductor  company) and “Gilat Satellite Networks” (satellite networking solutions).

Netanel holds several patents in communications and transportation systems.

Netanel has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University (Israel).