Neil B. Sinclair


Chairman of the Board of CyberTran International Inc.


Neil B. Sinclair is the Chairman of the Board of CyberTran International Inc., where he has led technical development and Company growth since 2005. Mr. Sinclair’s other activities have included: setting up and managing electric car production for US Electricar in 1991; managing projects in photovoltaic system design and marketing in the Middle East and elsewhere; the development of advanced brushless DC motor systems for electric transportation in the US and Korea; an award-winning electric bicycle demonstration program in Palm Springs; and has managed transit technology programs funded by the US Federal Transit Administration.

Mr. Sinclair’s other experiences includes water and wastewater plant operations; as a Legal Intervenor at the California Public Utilities Commission; he has held a real estate license, produced radio shows, and holds a patent in brushless DC motors. He has delivered numerous papers and talks at conferences on subjects including electric car R&D, electric motors in space, the electric bicycle industry, and transit technology, among others.

Mr. Sinclair is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Environmental Studies Department where he wrote his thesis on Solar Energy in 1980. He has a broad background in environmental technology, advanced transportation, and business management. He is married and has two children.