Podcar City 2023

The goals of the conference

The main goal of the Podcar City Conference is to encourage considerable improvement of mass mobility in all possible ways – conserve earth and human resources, improve equity and have an open dialog of planning for the future. We will soon publish more information about speakers, events, and exhibits. For information, please contact us using the link Contact | Podcar City Conference Series and we will add you to our newsletter list. Please see the latest newsletter here.

The Podcar City Conferences is an initiative by 4Dialog AB, Sweden, in collaboration with the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation (INIST), USA.

September 19 update – We can do better!

Podcar City Conference just launched Automated Transit Communities (ATC). The ATC initiative has emerged as a transformative force within the transportation sector. It embodies the belief that change is both vital and achievable. By connecting visionary researchers, policymakers, and brilliant minds, the ATC is dedicated to reshaping public transit and mobility. Their framework, guided by carefully crafted criteria, forms the foundation for a new era of sustainable, efficient transportation. The ATC fervently encourages innovation and research within this framework, advocating for a collaborative approach to usher in a mobility revolution. Visit ATC to pledge support and be part of this visionary journey towards a better future in transportation. Welcome! Christer Lindstrom, CEO Podcarcity.org

Technologies on the rise

For many, Podcars may be an unknown concept. But for last few years, more and more developments are being tested. The reasons are many, but simply put, today cities, regions and airports understand that to build cost-efficient, accessible, low-emission transport solutions, new technology is a must.

Examples of Podcar developments and implementations Glydways, Urban Loop, Swyft Cities, Ottobahn, Modutram, Supraways, Oceaneering/ZF, Futran, VUBA. Image on right is the Oceaneering Vehicle, one of our sponsors.

Latest news – Glydways chosen for San Jose airport connector

Glydways, a California-based company pushing to revolutionize urban mobility, just beat out the competition…

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August Speaker profile- Executive Director, Mineta Transport Institute

Karen Philbrick is the executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San José State University, a position she has held since 2014.

Dr. Philbrick holds a PhD from the University of Denver and an MA and EdM from Columbia University. She earned her undergraduate degree from California State University, Fresno.

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August Speaker Profile – Executive Director Atlanta Airport Community Improvements Districts (AACIDs)

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” is the outlook of the well-respected and acclaimed industry expert for community and city improvements, Gerald McDowell. This Walt Disney mindset is attributed to much of McDowell’s success and the all-inclusive idea of raising the collective value of communities. With over 30 years of professional experience, the award-winning McDowell is humbled by his experiences and remains diligent in his commitment to improve communities throughout South Metro Atlanta. His seamless ability to empower culturally diverse teams while delivering measurable results is a value add and a true testament to his leadership.  

For a full bio, please see this link

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