Podcar City 2009 – Malmö, Sweden

Podcar City - Conference 2009 - Malmö - Sweden

Transport and climate change

Is the auto the optimal way of personal transportation? Can we find other solutions based on good use of energy, limit the environmental impact and in the same time increase quality of the ride?

You are invited to attend an international gathering in Malmö, Sweden that will consider these questions and explore alternatives to car-dependent mobility which will significantly contribute to the evolution of sustainable cities.

THE PODCAR CITY™ Conference is an initiative of the Institute for Sustainable Transportation (IST) presented by KOMPASS, to gather major stakeholders, affected by today’s transportation issues at all levels. The aim is to have an open and creative debate on what Podcars (Personal and Group Rapid Transit) are, what the vendors claim to be possible, what communities are looking for and what critics and supporters have to say. The conference will hold several seminars and work programs. The main theme is how Podcars can contribute to climate change issues. This is the third yearly conference, in cooperation with Advanced Transit Association (ATRA).