Podcar City 2010 – San José, USA

Podcar City - Conference 2010 - San José - USA

Dear attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors,

Thank you for participating in the 4th annual Podcar City Conference – what a success!
For three days in the heart of the Silicon Valley we learned from global experts on the subject of how Personal Rapid Transit is proving to be a cutting-edge technology that shows promise of providing the convenience of automobiles with the overall benefits of mass transit at a much smaller scale, thus fundamentally changing the way we build and repair tomorrow’s cities.

Our ambitious program covered areas such as:

  • ATN’s expanding market in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
  • Podcar design, modalities and business models
  • Technological advances in control systems and materials
  • Integration of Podcars with traditional transit systems
  • Achieving green technology, sustainability and smart growth goals
  • Technical, financial and policy challenges and much more

and featured informative presentations from leading authorities in policy, research, investment, engineering and technology, public works, transportation, energy, housing, land use and planning, design, architecture and environmental stewardship.

Please keep in touch and Thank You again!