Podcar City 2016 – Antwerp, Belgium

Podcar City - Conference 2016 - Antwerp

Automated Mobility on Demand – September 16

Only three days left! Since September 1 we now also have as keynote speaker Mr Philippe Muyters, Minister of Innovation and Technology. Mr Muyters will speak at 5.30 pm on Tuesday.

We have a series of exciting presentations ahead of us.  The Deputy Mayor of Antwerp and the Mayor of Capelle aan den IJseel – Koen Kennis and Peter Oskam – tells us about their cities persuing and experiencing automated public transportation and are both supported by the Deputy Mayor of Sundbyberg Sweden, Mr Stefan Bergstrom. Furthermore we have Matthew Lesh from Local Motors USA together with Carel van Helsdingen from 2Getthere, Netherlands sharing their experience in operating self driving electric minibuses. Dr Michael Berisch from DLR – the German Space Agency – presents methods and ideas for planning automated self driving vehicles using the world leading SUMO software and Christer Lindstrom from 4Dialog demonstrates 4D gamification technology for on-demand vehicles and station design together with Peter Muller from PRT Consulting. A key component of easy access and use of new on-demand transportation is effective and easy-to-use digital payment systems. We will hear more about this from De Lijn, the Antwerp transportation agency in collaboration with Mastercard. On top of this there will be extensive presentations on new and existing automated transportation technologies from a series of operators and vendors, viewpoints froms, elected officials, policymakers and not least the academic community. Please see current program updated below and stay tuned for more updates as we move along closer to the conference! Also, we now have a Design Challenge as a part of the conference added. Interested in participating in the challenge? Please register by emailing us at info@podcarcity.org

Welcome to three days of intense talks and showcases of automation in public transit!

Podcar City & Advanced Transit is a conference about autonomous vehicles reshaping the way we live our lives in the urban landscape.
We are an open forum for the people behind automation in public transportation, similar to what is happening at a fast pace in the world of private autonomous vehicles.

This year´s conference is the tenth since the first in Uppsala, Sweden 2007 and takes place in the beautiful City of Antwerp in conjunction with the Antwerp Mobility Week. The organizers are Advanced Transit Association (ATRA), International Institute of Sustainable Transportation (INIST) and our local partner Crossroad in Antwerp, Belgium.

Please register now! Please see bottom of page for hotel information.

Vice Mayor Koen Kennis and The Podcar City & Advanced Transit Team

The Spartan Superway Blog:


The most important part of a conference is to have a great program. We are very happy with the work done by Professor Peter Hellinckx of the University of Antwerp, Ms Ingrid Evers from Crossroad, Belgium, Mr Ingmar Andreasson from Logistikcentrum, Sweden, Mr Ron Swenson from INIST, USA, Professor Shannon McDonald at Southern Illinois University, USA and Mr Fons De Mey, Crossroad, Belgium.

The conference is divided into two tracks. Please see Conference Track first and below you will find Auxiliary Tracks/Design Challenge

Conference Track: Podcar City 10 Program

MONDAY SEP 19 (Arrival)

6.30 PM Networking Event: Ice Breaker Reception @ Town Hall Antwerp

  • Koen Kennis, Vice Mayor of Antwerp, ‘Welcome’

TUESDAY SEP 20 (Conference Day 1, University of Antwerp)

8.00 AM Registration

9.00 AM Welcome / Mobility in Antwerp

  • Christer Lindström , 4Dialog, Ingrid Evers, Crossroad, ‘Conference Opening’
  • Koen Kennis, Vice Mayor of Antwerp, ‘Antwerp Mobility Roadmap’

9.40 AM Operational Podcar Systems, moderated by Ingmar Andreasson

  • Dennis Mica, 2getthere
  • Alban Brisy, Easymile, ‘Autonomous Vehicles for Last Mile Transportation’
  • Matthew Lesh, Local Motors
  • Andries Louw, Milotek, ‘The Futran System – Breeding The Paradigm Shift’

11.00 AM Coffee Break

11.15 AM Enabling Technologies, moderated by Fons De Mey

  • Richard Harris, Xerox, ‘Mobility as a Service – improved transportation’
  • Geert Vanbeveren, Siemens, ‘Intermodal Transportation as the basis for MaaS’
  • Serkan Arslan, Nvidia, ‘Enabling vehicles to See, Think, and Learn for Autonomous Transportation and Driving’

12.15 PM Digital Payments, moderated by Ingrid Evers

  • Christel Marcelis, KBC Bank
  • Andrew Slattery, Mastercard, ‘Transit – Smart Mobility’
  • Roger Kesteloot, VVM De Lijn

1.15 PM Networking – Lunch at Venue

2.15 PM Podcar Project Developments, moderated by Magnus Hunhammar

  • David Watkins, Arup consultancy, ‘Making the case for innovative transport systems’
  • Johan Janse, JJAdvies, ‘Improving Accessibility of RTH-airport Through Integrating PRT in Passenger Handling’
  • Ingmar Andreasson, LogistikCentrum AB, ‘Synergies between driverless cars and ATN Systems’
  • Peter Muller, PRT Consulting Inc. / ATRA, ‘Nine Podcar Stories from the US’

3.35 PM Safety & Security, moderated by Ingrid Evers

  • Richard Koch, Ricardo Rail, ‘Safety Cases for Autonomous Transport Systems’
  • Karel Van Oudheusden, Aleotronic, ‘The long road from proof of concept to real-world autonomous driving’

4.15 PM Coffee Break

4.30 PM Panel Discussion – Politics-Legal-Technology, moderated by Marc Geenen

  • Ann-Christin Frickner, Kompass / Upplands Väsby
  • Steven Thiré, Lige
  • Stefan Bergstrom, City of Sundbyberg
  • Aphram Melki, City of Järfälla
  • Roger Kesteloot, De Lijn

5.30 PM Closing – Philippe Muyters, Minister of Economy and Innovation, Flemish Government

6.00 PM Networking – Pre-dinner Drinks

7.00 PM Conference Dinner

WEDNESDAY SEP 21 (Conference Day 2, University of Antwerp)

8 AM Registration

8.30 AM Sustainability / Energy / Climate, moderated by Christer Lindström

  • Ron Swenson, INIST, ‘Mitigating Climate Change with Solar Powered Transit’
  • Eric Rosenfeld, San José State University, ‘Solar Power Installation for an Automated Transit Network’
  • Burford Furman, San José State University, ‘Spartan Superway – Development Update’
  • Jörg Schweizer, Univ. of Bologna, ‘How can PRT achieve higher capacities at lower costs? A concept comparison’

9.40 AM Urban Impact of Automated Transit Networks, moderated by Johan Janse

  • Arthur Scheltes , Goudappel Coffeng, ‘How automatic vehicles can contribute to the liveability of an area’
  • Shannon McDonald, Southern Illinois University, ‘Rouse, New Town Columbia MD and Pod Car Design’
  • Lieselot Vanhaverbeke, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, ‘SELFCAR: ScEnarios for mobiLity in Flemish Cities with Automated dRiving’

10.40 AM Coffee Break

11.00 AM Multimodality, moderated by Matthew Lesh

  • Surya Ramkumar, McKinsey & Company, ‘Integrated Perspective On Mobility Trends’
  • Hilde Adams, VIM / BAAV, ‘Office on wheels’
  • Gary Hsueh, Arup consultancy, ‘Report from the Automated Vehicles Symposium 2016’
  • Peter Defreyne, VIM, ‘A study into the option of using the traffic sign database for setting up sustainable route navigation’

12.20 PM Networking – Lunch

2.00 PM City of Things, moderated by Peter Hellinckx

  • Pieter Ballon, IMEC / iMinds
  • Jérôme Lefebvre, Addax Motors, ‘Electric light commercial vehicles’
  • Michael Behrisch, DLR (German Space Agency), ‘Planning automated public transport using traffic simulation’
  • Jorik Rombouts, Rombit, ‘Romcore Smart Cities: the user-friendly city’
  • Bernhard Mueller-Bessler, Promotives, ‘Digital Maps / Central or distributed intelligence in routing’

3.40 PM Coffee Break

4.00 PM Simulation / Modeling / Optimization, moderated by Joerg Schweizer

  • Christer Lindström, 4Dialog, ‘4D Gamification Technology for On-demand Vehicles and Station Design’
  • Nathan Koren, Podaris, ‘Innovation and collaboration: Why innovative transport needs better planning and design’
  • Eugene Nishinaga, Transit Control Solutions, ‘A Control Solution Suitable for Large Scale ATN Applications’
  • Waldemar Grabski, Warsaw University of Technology, ‘Eco-Mobility and Empty Vehicle Management’

5.20 PM Closing, moderated by Joerg Schweizer

  • Winning Design Challenge Team, ‘Prototype Pitch’
  • Grant the Martin Lowson Student Paper Award
  • Walter Kulyk, Formerly US DoT, ‘Conclusions’

5.45 – 6.45 PM Networking – Closing Reception

– Marc Van Peel, Vice-Mayor for the Port of Antwerp and the personnel of the City of Antwerp – President of the

Antwerp Port Authority

Auxiliary Tracks: Rivium Park Shuttle Visit Program

MONDAY SEP 19 (Optional Visit Rivium Shuttle, Rotterdam)

10.00 AM Registration – Meet at Antwerp bus station, just two blocks west of City Hall by the water – intersection of Plantinkaai –
Ernest Van Dijckkaai.  Link to map: Here

10.30 AM Transport – Bustrip Antwerp – Rotterdam

12.00 PM Networking – Lunch from LunchBox

1.00 PM Session on Rivium Shuttle @ Rivium World

  • Dick van Sluis, Vice Mayor Capelle aan den Ijssel, ‘Lessons Learned from the perspective of the city’
  • Peter Krumm, Connexxion, ‘Lessons Learned from the perspective of the operator’
  • Carel van Helsdingen, 2getthere, ‘Lessons Learned from the perspective of the supplier’

2 – 3.30 PM Visit: Rivium Shuttle

4 – 5.30 PM Transport – Bustrip Rotterdam – Antwerp

Auxiliary Tracks: Podcar City Design Challenge Program

TUESDAY SEP 20 (Design Challenge Day 1, University of Antwerp)

8.00 AM Registration

9.00 AM Welcome / Mobility in Antwerp [Merged with Conference Track session]

10.00 AM Discover – Introduction to the Design Challenge, moderated by David Suijkerbuijk

  • Chris Coeck, Port of Antwerp
  • Onno Pruis, Movin, ‘Opportunities for POD – it all starts with a vision!’
  • Fons De Mey, Crossroad, ‘Smart Mobility – What Does Belgium Have To Offer’

11.30 AM Dream – The Future of Mobility in Antwerp

12:30 PM Lunch

1.00 PM Design – Building Prototypes, pt. 1

6.00 PM Networking – Pre-dinner Drinks Poster Pitch

WEDNESDAY SEP 21 (Design Challenge Day 2, University of Antwerp)

8.00 AM Breakfast

9.00 AM Design – Building Prototypes, pt. 2

12.00 PM Lunch

12.45 PM Destiny – Jury Presentations

5.15 PM Closing [Merged with Conference Track session]

5.45 – 6.45 PM Networking – Closing Reception [Merged with Conference Track session]