Podcar City 2023 – San Jose, USA

The goals of the conference

The main goal of the Podcar City Conference is to encourage considerable improvement of mass mobility in all possible ways – conserve earth and human resources, improve equity and have an open dialog of planning for the future. We will soon publish more information about speakers, events, and exhibits. For information, please contact us using the link Contact | Podcar City Conference Series and we will add you to our newsletter list. Please see the latest newsletter here.

The Podcar City Conferences is an initiative by 4Dialog AB, Sweden, in collaboration with the International Institute of Sustainable Transportation (INIST), USA.

Location of the conference: San Jose City Hall, see Map here and photo to the left. All venues also below.

Photo: Coolcaesar

November 28- 3 days to go!

Podcar City Conference is fully booked! We have over 120 people coming, most of them in person plus a long list of people to attend the Zoom stream. If we still have capacity for a few more ZOOM seats we will keep the registration open, if not ,there will be a waiting list available. But don´t wait if you want to be sure to attend.
Also, please read about ATC- the Automated Transit Communities!

See registration options to the right.

Christer Lindstrom, CEO Podcarcity.org

Technologies on the rise

For many, Podcars may be an unknown concept. But for last few years, more and more developments are being tested. The reasons are many, but simply put, today cities, regions and airports understand that to build cost-efficient, accessible, low-emission transport solutions, new technology is a must.

Examples of Podcar developments and implementations Glydways, Urban Loop, Swyft Cities, Ottobahn, Modutram, Supraways, Oceaneering/ZF, Futran, VUBA. Image on right is the Oceaneering Vehicle, one of our sponsors.

Latest news – Glydways chosen for San Jose airport connector

Glydways, a California-based company pushing to revolutionize urban mobility, just beat out the competition…

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Speakers confirmed by October 27 for the Conference December 1 plus Program.

  • New: 3pm – 4pm Pre-conference seminar – Podcar planning Workshop (Free with conference registration or ATRA membership). Call Peter Muller at 303-532-1855 or email at PMuller@PRTConsulting.com to attend. Please see map at top of the page – 210 N fourth St.
  • 5PM Thursday November 30 – Social VIP Event at the San José Rotunda, City Hall
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  • 800 AM Friday December 1 – San José City Hall, Breakfast
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    • Breakfast – Coffee, Tea, Snacks
  • 8.30 – Welcome and House Keeping – Matthew Lesh, Spectrum Mobility & MC
  • 8.50 – Conference Kickoff – Christer Lindstrom INIST and Dave Muyres, Streetscope
  • 9.00 – Welcome to San Jose – Matt Mahan, Mayor of San José
  • 9.10 – Keynote, TBD
  • 9.30 – “Thought leader round table” – Moderated by Dr Karen Philbrick, Executive Director Mineta Transport Institute
  • 10 minute break
  • 10.20 – Introduction to Krystal Harris by Matt Lesh
  • 10.22 – ATC – “Automated communities for a new mobility” – Moderated by Krystal Harris, Program Director AACIDs ATL Airport Community Improvement Districts
    • Brian Stanke, Project Manager for Diridon to Airport Connector
    • Stan Young, Advanced Transportation & Urban Scientist
    • Steve Ruger, Trinidad City Manger
    • Kiet Dinh, Jacksonville Transportation Authority VP of Automation and Innovation
    • Jim Davis, former Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale
  • 15 minute break
  • 11.30 “Vendors and Automated Transit Networks (ATN). What? How? Why? Who?” – Moderated by Peter Muller, President of Advanced Transit Association (ATRA)
  • 12.30 Boxed Lunch & Expo – Glydways, Exhibitors, Lunch Speakers
  • Lunch VIP Speaker
  • 1.48 Introduction to Gerald McDowell by Matt Lesh
  • 1.50 – Keynote Speaker, Gerald McDowell, Executive DirectorATL Airport Community Improvement Districts
  • 2.15 – “Regulatory Issues”, Moderated by Iris Yuan, Senior Associate, Lea+Elliott
  • 15 Minute break
  • 3.20 – “Financing and Project Delivery of Automated Transit”, Moderated by Christer Lindstrom, 4Dialog
  • 4.15 – “Panel – Planning & Research”, Moderated by Todor Stojanovski, Ph.D. KTH Sweden cities and urban morphology
  • 10 minute break
  • 5.25 – “Conclusion, Youth Projects and looking forward”, Moderated by Ron Swenson, President, International Institute of Sustainable Transportation