Prof. W. Choromanski


Informatics Adviser in The Government General Office of Building Control


mathematical modelling and computer simulation of the man-machineenvironment system, vehicle dynamics, control theory, neural network, fuzzy logic, biomechanics, clinical biomechanics, informatics in administration.

Didactic activity:

Fuzzy logic and neural networks, fluid mechanics, electrohydraulic systems, measurement systems, metrology, informatics.

Degrees and publications:

M.Sc. final paper on “Modelling and simulation of electrohydraulic servovalve.”. (1978, Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Precise Mechanic /Mechatronics/).

Ph.D. thesis on: “Sensitivity analysis of railway vehicle-track system”. (1983 Warsaw University of Technology).

D.Sc. (habilitation) thesis on “Optimization and simulation in railway dynamics” (2000 Warsaw University of Technology).

2004 – prizewinner of the I Polish Prime Minister Award for achievements in the field of clinical biomechanics (family of external orthopaedic mechatronic fixators) The author of 200 publications written in Polish and in English . Author and co-author of 5 monographs.