Robert Morache


Designer, Ithaca, NY

Robert Morache is the Chairman of Connect Ithaca LLC, a collaborative company which is focused on transforming the city of Ithaca into a more sustainable urban center by reducing automobile dependency and re-thinking transit and development strategies at a systems level. Their efforts include the exploration of new transit technologies, promoting car-free urban development strategies, and finding alternative ways of organizing existing resources, prioritizing mobility modes and financing transportation infrastructure. Presenting the Podcar City Ithaca conference is part of that larger effort.

Robert is an architectural designer and has taught design at the Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts, and works as a consultant with a number of upstate New York architecture and development firms as a housing and community design specialist. He is not only involved with Connect Ithaca, but also involved in developing carbon neutral energy systems and green affordable housing strategies for both the rural and urban context.