Sam Lott , P.E.


Texas Southern University
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.


J. Sam Lott, P.E. maintains a dual affiliation with Texas Southern University (TSU) Center for Transportation Training and Research where he is an Associate Research Professor, and with Kimley-Horn and Associates where he continues as an on-call consultant following his retirement in September 2015. His experience in transportation systems spans over 35 years in the planning and engineering of a large spectrum of conventional and advanced technologies projects. His expertise is particularly well known in the fields of advanced-technology transportation systems, as well as major intermodal terminals. Mr. Lott has a BS and an MS in Mechanical Engineering. His experience with fixed guideway transit includes system conceptual design and analysis, performance and operations analyses, and design verification review and testing. He has served on the ASCE Automated People Mover Standards Committee for over 20 years, and between 2002 and 2010 he served as the U.S. representative to IEC Working Group 45 which developed the international standard called IEC62267 Safety Requirements for Automated Urban Guided Transport.

In addition, Mr. Lott has extensive experience in the planning and design of major activity centers, intermodal centers and airports. His work in the modeling and operational analysis of roadway systems for transit corridors and major activity centers has addressed mixed-mode traffic flows on specialized roadways such as terminal curbfronts, activity center access and circulation systems, and freeways under normal and congested flow conditions. His work in the simulation of transit system performance and operations spans his entire career, and the modeling of demand-responsive transit has become one of his most noted specialties. Through this diverse experience, he led the development and application of an integrated suite of software called ALPS that is considered to be one of the most advanced computer-based tools in the transportation field.

Recently, Mr. Lott has become known in the field of automated roadway vehicles, specifically with respect to his insight into how this paradigm shift in robotic technology will impact the transit industry. He has spoken at a number of internationally prominent transportation forums on the future of automated roadway vehicle applications to transit, including the 2015 TRB Annual Meeting – Lectern Session on Automated Transit Systems and the 2015 ITS America Annual Conference in the Automated Transit Session.