2019: Santa Clara County

Outside Europe – register-here  Europe & Sweden – email to info@4dialog.com 

Welcome to Podcar City 2019!

Come hear and see over 20 different technologies, the majority implemented or in implementation process plus a strong ecosystem of services and products around them.

The 2019 conference focuses on getting new modes of public automated transportation a reality – technology, planning & business opportunities.


More business!

The last few years has an seen a significant increase in investments, demonstrators and full implementations of automated transportation systems.

Larger players such as Ericsson communication systems, NASA, Google, Amazon and a series of strong IT companies in Silicon Valley are getting involved, boosting the acceleration of automated transits forward. 

Don’t miss out on meeting the people who truly cares about creating a better future and mobility for all – register for Podcar City now!    

Outside Europe – register-here  Europe & Sweden – email to info@4dialog.com 


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